I am a creative with broad, strategic vision, limited only by the hours in the day. Ready to lead teams, able to see both the big picture and the fine details, along with every logistical step along the way. 
Creating is something we all have inside of us. 
Throughout my life, creativity has meant many things. Sometimes helping her Papa build furniture as a teen, decorating wedding cakes while in college, and many failed attempts at learning to sew. But when she starting designing, she soared. Whether it was ink on paper or pixels on a screen, Amy sees the shape and sparkle of design communication. 
My creative vision is shaped by both strategy and beauty, as determined by the audience. 
Over the past decade, her work has been featured by Martha Stewart's "Bride's Guide" blog and on display at the Wally Workman Gallery, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Austin Public Libraries.
Email: Amy [at] AmyLear [dot] com.
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